10% of every sale will be set aside to be given as a grant. The grant will be for women of color who use their own Intuition and create a business to help grow their community. Our first set of Grants will be given on our one year anniversary June 19, 2017. 

When I started Intuition.LA I could not find any grant programs that I qualified for or spoke to what I was trying to accomplish. I looked, I prayed and even though there are a lot of all black women who owned businesses, none offered grants for new businesses. I think we all have a responsibility to give back and help support the future generations. My Goal is to help women create  a culture of givers and leaders. I appreciate EVERY SALE.  This is my way to give back. Thank you again for supporting me and allowing me the opportunity to do my part. 
-Alexandria Greenwood

Email us at info@intuition.la  to apply.