Growth and Strengh Candle by Gail Gottti

Growth and Strengh Candle by Gail Gottti

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Growth & Strength: With notes of bergamot, citrus, rose and musk create antidepressant benefits, these scents brings a positive boost and uplifting thoughts to people struggling with depression, anxiety and doubt. Its rich smell not only keeps you energetic and optimistic, it can also help relieve headaches and, unsurprisingly, can enhance libido and spark romance.

Mood/mind effect: Restorative, boosts confidence, aphrodisiac, cleansing and refreshing.

Light this candle for overall strength, clarity and direction.

These wonderful products make great gifts for family, friends, businesses matter where they are in the world.

65 hour burn time
Vegan wax blend; cotton wick
Glass vessel
Always trim your wicks
10 oz.
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